GNR presents Rider Diaries Part 4

If there’s a list of adventurous women then Disha will definitely make it to the list. Her affinity for motorcycling started when she rode as a pillion with her father and then gradually graduated to taking the front seat, and then there was no looking back. What she also understood well is the importance of keeping safety in a biker’s life, if one wishes to continue riding throughout their lifetime. Being careless was never an option for Disha. So she geared up all the time and let her passion for motorcycling do the talking.

Gear N Ride respects such responsible riders and so we got her to answer some questions for Rider Diaries Part 4.

How would you describe yourself?

A fat Bengaluru girl gone fit with an immense love for bikes, speed, adventure and chicken! I work in an MNC on weekdays and ride during weekends/holidays. Fitness is another interest of mine.

When and how did you start motorcycling?

I started riding after my 12th grade exams in 2012. Initially, I used to ride pillion on my dad’s motorcycle, going to the park for jogging. I started with pushing and parking the bike to handle the weight and move it more confidently. There were times when I panicked and got off the bike when met with chaos on the streets.

How many motorbikes have you owned/ridden and what is your longest ride?

I learnt to ride on Pulsar 150 cc, got my license on RX 100 and got Bullet 500 as a gift for my birthday. I have ridden the longest, Delhi to Ladakh, on my Royal Enfield in 2017. The Ladakh Expedition was for about 11 days.

What is so empowering about riding a motorcycle?

While any other mode of traveling gives the comfort of resting over the recliners, having food on board and all these as you chill with the breeze of AC (most of them), what makes motorcycling empowering and fun filled is the wind in the hair and view of the big screen ahead while chasing the Sun as the rider races against time and the fact that, it takes us riders to the last mile of exploration.

Any takeaways from your motorbike riding experience?

I have learnt a lot by riding a motorcycle. Foremost, I find myself bold, strong and confident. Just like every problem has a solution and every road leads to a new road, I have learnt to fix minor issues on my bike and do not panic in any case. This has made me independent in life.

Motorcycling is considered a dangerous hobby. What to look out for on the road? How to stay protected?

One must use the accurate sized gear for themselves and be comfortable in it. Knowing the terrain is an advantage and also learn DIY for minor fixes in the bike during emergency. The key is patience. A rider must not panic during a crisis. Everyone should ride in their pace and not race during touring. Always know your bike and the maintenance. It is must to carry some spares and tools, always.

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