Clean Up Your Riding Gear

Staying away from home is sad, with all the daily chores to be taken care on your own. Add your dirty gear to this never-ending laundry, and it’s preposterous.

Don’t worry, we at GnR are here for you and your dirty riding gear. Get your riding gear cleaned from us with hassle free process. Just walk in with your dirty gear and we’ll take it from there. Helmets? No big deal. We take care of them as well.

>   Turnaround time between you dropping the gear, and receiving a cleaned one is usually 3 days.

>   Washing Services are currently available only in Bengaluru!

Repair Your Gear​

There’s no doubt anything of good quality you buy for riding is going to be expensive. A good pair of boots, the latest soft luggage or top of the line riding pants and jackets.

But along the way the inevitable happens… A crash at 100 km an hour, a worn seam that starts to let water in, a burnt pant leg on exhaust, a zipper that refuse to work – who knows what’s next?

So, what to do? Toss it and get a new replacement, or fix it and save money? Fix it and save money, right? Right!

We offer services where you can bring in your torn gear and we’ll make it worth for you at pocket friendly rate. Try us!