GNR presents Rider Diaries Part 2

As the quote goes, “When a road throws you a curve, lean into it.

Here we have 2 more awesome riders who shared their passion and experience for bikes and biking with us.

Atul Kumar

A brief introduction

My name is Atul, hailing from a small town in Bihar, called Begusarai. I have always been passionate about automobiles, though a bit more towards bikes. Have ridden all across India on my motorcycles, including some overland rides as well. I always travel with my better half. We have dreams of doing a world ride someday, hope that dream comes true.

How did you get into motorcycling and how long have you been riding for?

Got my first motorcycle in college by saving up my pocket money for months. Started off in 2007 and never looked back ever since.

How many different bikes have you ridden/owned and what is the longest ride you have done?

Don’t really have a count of the no. of bikes I have ridden. But owned, yes it’s 5. Started off with the legendary Yamaha RX100 in college days. Traded that with a LML Adreno after an year. Rode that for few years and then sold it. Took a break for an year from riding and then bought a KTM Duke 200. Rode it for close to 25,000 kms before upgrading to KTM Duke 390. Did a lot of my touring on that, the 390 served me for 92,000 kms.

As I said earlier that I always travel along with my wife, so was on a lookout for a much more comfortable and luggage friendly machine, typically an adventure tourer in the 600 cc+ category. Had always dreamt of owning an ADV machine and finally that dream was realized in 2017 when we bought the Kawasaki Versys 650. Have done more than 45,000 kms already on this brilliant machine and we are just getting started! Longest ride ever done was from Bangalore to North East India and back. It was a ride for 26 days and 10,000 kms.

What is so empowering about riding a motorcycle?

I think it’s the freedom that a motorcyclist feels when they are on their machines. You kind of develop a strong bond with your motorcycle, it takes you places where you have never been, connects you to people from diverse cultures and regions. Also, you start following the rules of the road more seriously thus respecting fellow road users and also makes you ready and capable to lend a hand in case someone needs any help. You feel everything when on a motorcycle, the wind, the sun, the rain, everything. You feel connected with everything around you.

How does riding a motorcycle transform other areas of one’s life?

Riding a motorcycle or just in general travelling, seeing new places and most importantly meeting new people, for me that is the biggest takeaway. Your perception of life changes, you transform into a person who is willing to adjust to any situation. When on a ride we can’t always expect luxurious stays or perfect weather or nice food. You have to adjust with what you’ve got. Also since I don’t ride in groups, in situations, good or bad, the decisions have to be made all by yourself. You learn how to remain calm and not panic even in the worst of situations.

In general the problem solving and the alertness in any situation increases by leaps and bounds. Along with fitness, it also improves your cognitive capabilities. I generally plan my rides very meticulously so it has certainly transformed me into a better planner in every aspect of my life. Overall it makes you a better and a stronger person.

Riding a motorcycle is perceived as risky and dangerous. Some words / advice on safe riding?

Absolutely, riding a motorcycle is as dangerous as it gets, no two ways about it. Riding requires 100% concentration 100% time. We cannot take our eyes off the road even for a split second. And in some cases, we might end up getting into an accident for no fault of ours. So the only thing in our control is to remain focused and not make any ego driven decisions on the road. People may cut you off, bully you, instigate you to race, we just gotta remain calm and not get carried away.

Coming to safety, of course wearing proper riding gear is a no brainer. But then no matter how expensive your gear is, or how much ever you are skilled, if you ride like maniac, you are bound to get into trouble someday. Everyone likes to go fast, but be within your limits and ride depending on the type of road (express-highways/village roads/ghat roads).

If you want to ride fast, go to a race track. Slow down on intersections, watch out for animals and people crossing the roads, happens a lot in our country. Wear good riding gear, especially get the best quality helmet you can buy within your budget. And the most important thing, enjoy the ride, keep a free mind. Remember, if you are safe today, only then you can ride again tomorrow!

Connect with Atul here:
Instagram: @atul.hulk
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/nb21vlogs

Chandrakanth N

A brief introduction 

A passionate rider, for me biking is just not a hobby – it’s my stress buster and a boost which keeps me going! Being an IT professional, when life seems to doze off, the throttle of my CBR 250 gives me all the energy. I ride with my wife, who is my pillion most of the times – and we successfully rode in both Indian and international roads.

How did you get into motorcycling and how long have you been riding for? 

I am into riding for almost 7 years now. Getting into a motorcycling was never a overnight magic that happened. During my college days, I used to ride to near by destinations in Chennai but I was never aware about riding gears and safety since motorcycling was not so much into India that time. After I moved to Bangalore, I enrolled myself with Bangalore Bikers and learnt many vital things about bikes and biking. Now I am confident enough that I can guide people who are interested to pursue their passion in biking.

How many different bikes have you ridden / owned and what is the longest ride you have done?

Being crazy about bikes, I am always excited about riding a new machine. Having said that, I ride a HONDA CBR 250R and I have ridden HONDA CB500X(during my Thailand road trip), YAMAHA R3, TRIUMPH STREET TRIPLE RS, HONDA CBR 650R and the list goes on. I own a HONDA CBR 250R, HONDA CB UNICORN and a HONDA AVIATOR.

What is so empowering about riding a motorcycle?

“Wind on my face, pushing through the air as I shift the gear and disappear gives me intense spirit of life!”

How does riding a motorcycle transform other areas of one’s life?

A motorcycle is a machine of joy! To riding in hot summers, just plain roads or dense forest ghats, breezy early mornings or during heavy downpour, every moment is an adventure on this awesome machine. Every ride marks a new beginning and an experience, it’s a conduit of grace, bonding and an amazing feeling..!

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-02 at 10.25.32 AM
Riding a motorcycle is perceived as risky and dangerous. Some words / advice on safe riding?

There is a risk involved in every activity you carry out beyond your limits and without proper safety measures. Keep the perception of the society on riding aside, follow ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) and have trust in you. Never take things easy on roads, look for cattle crossing, pedestrians, barricades etc, wear all safety gears, though your bike can reach the speed of 180+kmph, its you who had to control the bike, so be on your limits, follow lane discipline and traffic rules and finally be SENSIBLE on roads and lets not learn things in a harder way.

Instagram: @the.wing.rider

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