GNR presents Rider Diaries Part 6

An easy-going, travel-loving guy who is always looking out for new destinations to explore and head over heels for tech stuff especially GoPro action cameras!! Let us introduce to you, Nishanth in this edition of Rider Diaries.

Nishanth’s confrontation with two wheels happened when he was in 11th standard when he started riding his brother’s Hero Passion. Later he purchased his first motorcycle, a humble Honda Ambition 135, mostly used for his college commutes and sporadic rides. After 6+ years of ownership, the next upgrade was Apache 180. In those times, Apache 180 was a well-balanced performance motorcycle. No wonder the biking bug bit Nishanth during this time. He did extensive touring on Apache and upgraded to CBR 250R, another perfect machine. After putting on some exhaustive miles on CBR he later upgraded to Versys 650, which he owns currently and surely is a reason for a smile on his face.

Nishanth has a ‘To-Go’ wish list where he saves the destination he wants to ride to. Once that is settled, he plans the route with the help of Google maps or asks friends for suggestions. He calls himself an ‘over-packer’ however, a first aid kit and a puncture kit are a no-brainer for him. Nishanth is not a picky person when it comes to finding stays on his journey. Anything which is surrounded by nature, something which is clean and bright makes his day. He avoids crowded places or places to stay in the center of the city or towns.

Nishanth is equally enthusiastic about cars, however, he feels that riding motorcycles is empowering as the rider is always in contact of the surroundings and natural elements. Be it sun, moon, wind, or rain, a rider instantly feels it and becomes one with the element. That is something special.

A dangerous hobby like Motorcycling comes at an expense and we are not talking about fuel! A crash can turn your world upside down if you are not prepared or ready for the outcome. That’s why Nishanth gives emphasis on proper riding gear. Also, according to him, ‘Always ready’ mentality helps while tackling any unexpected situations on the road. He says, and we quote “the biggest protection is the way you ride, and the ability of pre-emptive thinking and having a quick maneuver thought of mentally which goes a long way in keeping you safe on the road.”

Nishanth stands by the fact that motorcycling is like a therapy. It brings out the best person in you. It helps you find the best friendships for life and open yourself to a whole new world.

You can connect with Nishanth here:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nish.nth/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nishanth.n