GNR presents Rider Diaries Part 11

Solo girl on an all India ride mission named ‘Esa Des hai Mera’, Poonam Navale comes as an adventurous person, she calls herself a bike-packer, nature lover, and a travel photographer.

How would you describe yourself?

A Nature Lover, Bike-packer, Adventurer, a travel photographer, and much of an Introvert (The last one Contradicts though).

When and how did you start motorcycling?

I happen to live my mom’s dream of riding a motorbike. And that’s how it all started. I was a daily commuter in the initial years but after shifting to Bangalore the real Lust for Bike riding started and then I never looked back.

How many motorbikes have you owned/ridden and what is your longest ride?

I own three: Splendor, RE Thunderbird 350, and KTM Duke 390. But I have had the chance to ride many more bikes. Bike rides are so tempting for me. Be it a short ride or long. So far I have ridden the Bangalore-Pune route in a day. And have ridden in most of the states on my beloved Duke except the states of North East. 

How do you plan for a ride? What things do you always pack in your luggage?

Planning a Ride is one thing and executing it, in the same way, is another. For me, both things never matched. Although I used to keep myself updated with current affairs of the place I’ll be heading. The final route is mapped on Google map and a Rough route memorized in case of an emergency. Initially, I over packed my luggage but eventually, I learned the minimal way of traveling. Later on, I keep on reducing and finding multipurpose and light stuff as a substitute. In essential luggage, I keep a few bike’s spares, Chain lube and cleaner, a puncture repair kit, pepper spray, hydration bag, a Camera and its charger, power bank, few toiletries, and pairs of clothes (mostly dry fit) depending upon the days of travel, slippers/shoes, torch, tent, sleeping bag, fold-able backpack, Dark Chocolate. 

Riding a motorbike made me calmer and lessened my temper issue though I ride a KTM.

How do you plan the route? What are your criteria for a good stay?

I do plan the Route based on the weather condition and the availability of the route. Also, the scenic and curvy route options are always on my priority. For Stay, I would prefer a tent to stay over any option. But I know that is not possible everywhere and for my Solo rides, I haven’t done camping yet. So in that case Hostels or homestays are on my list. If any of these are not available or in a poor state or out of my budget then I would go for a Hotel room. Wherever I stay my first criteria to finalize it is safe parking for my Bike and then comes a clean toilet and Bathroom followed by a cozy room.

What is so empowering about riding a motorcycle?

When just a little twist of throttle gives you the fresh breeze of air that shrugs off all your worries and makes you feel lighter like floating in the air is the Best Kind of therapy I must say. The uncertainty of the entire journey, repairing your own vehicle in breakdowns, handling your insecurities in case of delay in reaching your destination strengthens your will power. And moreover just thought of proving it’s not Only Masculine.

Any takeaways from your motorbike riding experience?

There are a lot. The biggest one I learned is everyone’s experience is unique depending upon their own taste, interest, comfort, priorities, budget, and expectations. Riding a motorbike made me calmer and lessened my temper issue though I ride a KTM.

Motorbiking is considered a dangerous hobby. What to look out for on the road? How to stay protected?

Wearing full safety gear of riding is the only way to stay protected. On the road, no matter how much you ride sensibly and cautiously, anything can go wrong. So wearing your shields is the wisest way. Motorbiking is indeed a dangerous hobby. You have to be alert every second. And hence it comes with great responsibility. Be responsible for yourself, for your family, and for others as well.

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